Rotogravure Printing Cylinders

Rotogravure Printing Cylinders & Rolls

Reize Mascinenfabrik for Rotogravure Printing Machines

Rotogravure Printing Cylinders - Presseurs for Transfer and Textile Printing

  • Rotogravure Printing Cylinders: Presseur with special rubber coating cylinders for transfer or textile printing
  • Copper plated, polished
  • Own copper plating equipment
  • Also copper plating of repaired cylinders
  • Rolls for Rotogravure Printing Machines
  • For paper manufacturing- and processing machinery
  • Variable cylinders and components such as bearings
  • Guide rollers, cooling guide rolls, calendar rolls, etc.
  • Rolls with various covers, also chrome plated with grinding and high gloss finish
  • For textile machines as well as plastic manufacturing


 Contact us for more information & to order rotogravure printing cylinders & rolls.
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