Plating Equipment for Rotogravure Printing


For all types of plating equipment and designed to customer's specifications.

Covering Tubes

Custom designed to customer specifications. Used to protect cylinder shaft, adapters and journal ends.

Gasket Material

  • Item #: CH10-04 - Grooved Hypolon
  • Item #: CH3-04 - Mushroom Hypolon


Deplating Units

Designed to deplate copper and the inherent or accompanying problem of loss of copper sulfate. The plating unit is designed to be mobile and comes complete with rectifier pump, all drains, hoses, etc. and will be installed ready for use.

Hardness Tester

Designed for testing the hardness of copper (specifically, helio copper).

The application of this instrument calls for an automatic contact of the diamond with the copper. A push button will activate the diamond to work on the copper; guaranteed not to damage the copper.

Features spring loaded action, digital readouts.

Nickel Tanks

Designed to fit existing equipment with varying kinds of drives. Rectifiers are built in.

Portable Surface Roughness Gauge

  • Selectable traverse lengths
  • Greater stability


Titanium Anodes, Trays and Baskets

For all types of plating applications. Designed for your specific requirements or per your existing parts.

Titanium Applications

Tanks for existing machine applications; designed to replace existing tanks with titanium tanks.

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