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The highest standards of quality control and testing procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process. Our industry reputation is based on successful installations throughout the world as our field-proven, patented designs continue to hold up to the demands of the modern rotogravure industry. We are experts at providing quick, cost effective, reliable solutions to your machinery and chemical needs.

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The DisCoP cylinder electroplating process is a total system replacement using nondissolvable anodes. After much research to produce a material that would not burn or dissolve with time, a proprietary alloy is now used to transfer the anodes from the solution to the base.

DisCoP has many advantages, including:

  • a stable plating bath that is predicatble and controllable
  • tighter grain structure across the length of the cylinder
  • a smooth 'mirror-like' surface that requires no finishing beyond a light polish
  • cell engraving consistency from end to end.

The DisCoP system eliminates conventional titanium basket and copper nuggets, doing away with the resistance in the electroplating process. This allows currents to be increased from 18 A/dm2 to approximately 30 A/dm2, resulting in plating times that are 30 to 40 percent faster.

[Please click to see a larger image]The DisCoP plating process works by placing copper directly into solution. Micro particles of copper anodes (grain in the form of black powder) are dissolved in a premixing circulation tank. A copper analyzer measures the copper concentration per liter. The analyzer is attached to a feeder that only adds the amount of copper necessary to maintain the solution in balance. The feeder system adds only the amount of copper that has been plated out. "

The result is a perfect surface. No impurities, no upsets, BALANCE"

Use of this system results in finer grain and smoother structure. Copper hardness is adjustable and can be achieved by altering the concentration of copper in the solution.

[Please click to see a larger image]For use with existing plating tanks, the DisCoP system requires a few modifications. A feeder must be installed to introduce the copper particles into the solution. An analyzer must be set up to monitor copper levels and introduce the dissolved copper into the plating tank. The titanium anode basket must be replaced with a new, patented, nondissolvable anode. The new copper for the system will cost approximately 20 to 30 percent more. However, increased quality, savings in production time and elimination of the need for additional sulfuric acid, will bring about a fast return on investment.

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