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     Chema Technology, Inc. stocks a complete line of plating chemicals, testing material, and accessories. Please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for below.

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Plating Chemicals and Accessories
    Filter Tubes

For effective filtration of plating electrolytes to remove particulates greater than 10 or 15 microns. Available in 10" & 20" lengths.

  • CH1-01 ---- 10" tube 15 micron
  • CH1-02 ---- 20" tube 15 micron
  • CH1-01/10 ---- 10" tube 10 micron
  • CH1-02/10 ---- 20" tube 10 micron
Carbon Filter Tubes

For removing organic contaminants from copper plating solutions, using activated carbon as the filtering medium.

  • CH1-02C ---- 20" long
  • CH1-01C ---- 10" long
    Filter Paper
  • CH10-728C ---- Carbon
  • CH10-866W ---- Plain White
  • CH13-FA60W ---- Plain White
  • CH13-FB60C ---- Carbon
    Grinding Stones
  • 280 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 8 microns, Item No. CH4-280
  • 400 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 4 microns, Item No. CH4-400
  • 600 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 2.8 microns, Item No. CH4-600
  • 800 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 1.8 microns, Item No. CH4-800
  • 1500 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 0.6 microns, Item No. CH4-1500
  • 2000 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 0.3 microns, Item No. CH4-2000
  • 3000 Grit - suitable for a peak to valley height of 0.1-0.2 microns, Item No. CH4-3000

  • 280 Grit Steel, Item No. CH4-280/S
  • 400 Grit Steel, Item No. CH4-400/S
    Spray Adhesives for Mounting Grinding Stones
  • Item No. CH22-6
  • Item No. CH22-77
Glue Pellets for Grinding Stones
  • Item No. CH31-001 Packed in 1 lb. containers
    Correction Lacquer

Stop off Lacquer (red)
Stop off Lacquer (red)
Peel Cote (green)

CH9-1000 -- 1 gallon container
CH9-100/5 -- 5 gallon container
CH8-004/5 -- 5 gallon container

Item #: CH10-675 - 10 liter container
    Usage especially in chrome plating equipment for rotogravure cylinders with good electrolyte revolution. ANTI-SMOG is an additive to decrease the fumes of the chrometank while it is plating. It has no negative influence to the chrome quality itself. ANTI-SMOG prevents contamination of the chrome plating equipment, and its wetting agent effect eases the the cylinder rinse process. ANTI-SMOG provides for clean exhaust air and relieves the chrome separator as well as existing exhaust-wash out units (less chrome deposits in the drain water). It is possible to reduce the exhaust amount, depending on the exhaust system when using ANTI-SMOG. ANTI-SMOG also has a positive influence to the clean air environment in the chrome plating department.
    Roto-Vit Paste

Item #: CH10-598 - 8 kg container
    Roto-Vit paste is a specially developed cleaner for the treatment of copper rotogravure cylinders. It is packed in containers of 8 kg each.
    Roto-Bril Paste

Item #: CH10-593 - 7 kg container
    Roto-Bril is a viscous cleaning paste for degreasing, deoxidizing and polishing rotogravure cylinders. It is packed in plastic containers of 7 kg each. The quality of the surface can be improved considerably using this product.

Item #: CH6-10 - 1 gallon
Item #: CH6-1015 - 55 gallon drum
    Roto-Clean is a a liquid solution which is used for degreasing and deoxidizing in one process.
    Hardening Additive

Item #: CH0-01-01 - 1 gallon container
    Hardening Additive can be used with higher temperatures and a higher current density (30-34 A/dm2. With this hardener, the hardness can be regulated and kept constant. It is primarily used where solution temperature can be held constant.

It is packed in a 1 gallon container, is concentrated and has a dilution ratio of 9:1.

    Hardening Additive - CHEMA 9

Item #: CHEMA9/2 - 1 gallon container
    Chema 9 is an additive that is used in copper electroplating baths with a current density (22-28 A/dm2. It produces a hard, semi-glossy but ductile copper deposit. With Chema 9 additive it is possible to reach a copper hardness of between 160 and 200 Vickers, depending on the quantity of additive used per A/h.

Due to excellent surface quality and extremely fine-grained copper structure, a minimum of mechanical treatment of the copper surface is required after plating. The use of Chema 9 gives a copper quality that is suitable for conventional etching and especially for electronic engraving.

The hardness of the copper remains constant, and recrystalization does not occur. If used according to specifications, there is no decomposition of the electrolyte due to Chema 9. This additive may be added with an automatic dosing unit.

It is packed in 1 gallon containers and is a concentrate. It has a dilution ratio of 9:1.

    Hardening Additive Ultra

Item #: CH-ULTRA - 1 gallon container
Item #: CH-ULTRA/55 - 55 gallon drum
    Hardening Additive Ultra was developed for use with our Chema Powersonic unit (US Patent #5,925,231). The usage will not separate as with regular hardeners.
    Electrolytic Degreasing Salt

Item #: CH6-50 - 50 lb bucket
    This is used for electrolytic degreasing of rotogravure cylinders before chrome plating or base coppering, as well as for degreasing of steel bases before nickle plating. It may be used for both anodic or cathodic degreasing and is packed in 50 lb buckets.
    Electrolytic Degreasing Solution

Item #: CH6-/55 - 55 gallon drum
    This solution is Degreasing Salt pre-mixed for your convenience.
Vac Chrome Salt
Without Sulfuric Acid
With Sulfuric Acid

Item #: CH10-533
Item #: CH10-532
Nickel Sulfate
5 gallon container
55 gallon drum

Item #: CH9-01
Item #: CH9-01/55
Nickel Chloride
5 gallon container

Item #: CH9-02
Boric Acid
50 lb bag

Item #: CH9-520
Barium Carbonate
50 lb bag

Item #: CH9-BC55
Activated Dechroming Salt
Part I - 50 kg container
Part II - 50 kg container

Item #: CH10-T1046-P1
Item #: CH10-T1046-P1
    A two component additive used in electrolytically activated dechroming tanks in conjunction with sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. When used as per instructions, a gravure cylinder can be dechromed in 3-5 minutes without fear of the solution attacking the base copper or engraved cells. Packed in 50 kg containers.
1 gallon bottles
55 gallon drum

Item #: CH6-02
Item #: CH6-0200
    Used exclusively for electrolytically activated dechroming. Cylinders must not be preheated, and application by immersion.
    Cutting Oil
20 liter container

Item #: CH0-109
    A special oil-based cutting oil for turning copper plated cylinders on the Polishmaster where a high quality finish is required. Does not need to be diluted. Packed in 20 liter containers.
9 liter container

Item #: CH2-870

Emulsion additive used in Polishmaster Hydrostatic System. The concentration of hydrofluid percentage should be held between 3-5% and checked daily witha refractometer. Every six months the emulsion should be completely drained, the tank flushed and new emulsion prepared and added to the system. Packed in 9 liter containers.

    Nickel Solution
1 gallon container

Item #: CH0-879
    Used for minus corrections.

We also distribute rectifiers and other materials needed for corrections. Please call for specifics on any product you may have.

    Nickel Parting Solution
55 gallon drum
1 gallon container

Item #: CH9-19
Item #: CH9-19/1
    This solution is used as a separating layer between two copper deposits for the Ballard Shell System. This solution is ready for use.
    Silver Parting Solution
1 gallon container
55 gallon drum

Item #: CH0-341/1
Item #: CH0-341/55
    This solution is used as a separating layer between two copper deposits for the Ballard Shell System. This solution has a mixing ratio of 28:1 and is packed in either 1 gallon containers or 55 gallon drums.
    Separating Solution
50 gram bag

Item #: CH10-610
    This solution is used as a separating layer between two copper deposits for the Ballard Shell System. It is packed as powder granules in plastic bags. The contents of 1 bag will yield approximately 1 ½ gallons of finished solutions.
    Film - Cleaner
1 gallon cans

Item #: CH6-04
    To clean film in helio-film area. It is excellent in usage and has a high cleaning effect. Primarily used to prepare film prior to scanning on electromechanical engravers.
    Anti-Static Wipes

Item #: CH24-1312
    Individually packaged towels that are ideal for wiping down cylinders before or after coating. Also used to remove dust particles from film.
    Chrome Re-Etch Solution
5 gallon container

Item #: CHH29-103CR/1
    This solution is used to re-etch rotogravure cylinders without having to dechrome. The area which is to be re-etched must be cleaned with an efficient degreasing product such as ROTO-VIT or ROTO-BRIL. Wait until the area is completely dry and then ink it with re-etching ink the same way you would roll up a copper cylinder. All areas which do not have to be re-etched should be covered with lacquer.
    Chrome Re-Etch Powder
1 lb container
15 lb bucket

Item #: CH29-103P
Item #: CH29-103P/15
    This powder is used with Chrome Re-Etch Solution to speed up the re-etching time. Packaged as a powder in either a 1 lb container or 15 lb bucket.
    Photoresist 642
1 quart container

Item #: CH37-MP-611
    Designed specifically for gravure cylinder etching using ring or spray coating application techniques
    KTFR Thinner
1 gallon container

Item #: CH37-MP-722
    KPR ¾ Developer
1 gallon container

Item #: CH37-MP-342
    KPR Blue Dye
1 gallon container

Item #: CH37-MP-152
    Correction Pads

Felt covers for Correction Anodes

Sizes available:

  • 2" x 2"
  • 4" x 4"
  • 6" x 6"

    Charcoal Blocks

Many sizes available. Specific information available upon request.

    Lapping Films

The ultimate in cylinder finishing.

Item # Description
CH12-LY12M 12 mic Yellow Non-Adhesive 5" x 150'
CH12-LG30M 30 mic Green Non-Adhesive 5" x 150'
CH12-LG30M4/300 30 mic Green Non-Adhesive 4" x 300'
CH12-LY12M4/300 12 mic Yellow Non-Adhesive 4" x 300'
CH12-LY12M/6 12 mic Yellow Non-Adhesive 6" x 150'
CH12-LG30M6/300 30 mic Green Non-Adhesive 6" x 300'
CH12-LY30M6/300 30 mic Yellow Non-Adhesive 6" x 300'

Various other sizes available upon request.

    Acid Resistant Grease
1 kg container

Item #: CH25-03
    Acid- and water-resistant grease used to lubricate all surfaces in a corrosive environment. It will not contaminate etching and plating solutions.
    Agate Stone
Roller stone

Item #: CH5-03
    Conservation Solution
1 gallon container

Item #: CH10-599
    This solution is used to provide the surface of a finished cylinder with a temporary protective layer. It is supplied in liquid form in gallon containers. Cylinders stored after grinding and polishing can be protected from oxidation for weeks.
    Contact Grease
1 kg container

Item #: CH2-343
    Copper-based contact grease for use in lubricating plating adaptors, carbon brushes and buss bars where high current transmission and lubrication is required.
    Copper Sulfate
50 lb bag
    Copper Selective Etching Solution
25 kg container

Item #: CH29-15680
    Indicator Salt
150 gram jar
1 lb jar

Item #: CH6-11
Item #: CH6-11/lb
    N28 Solution
1 liter

Item #: CH6-N28
    For testing chrome.
    N71 Solution
500 ml container

Item #: CH26-N71
    N75 Solution
1 liter

Item #: CH26-N75
    Nickel Carbonate
44 lb

Item #: CH9-44
    Oil of Lavendar
1 lb container

Item #: CH27-06
    Silver Oxide
1 lb container

Item #: CH20-14
    Used to reduce the chloride content in chrome and copper plating baths.
    Sodium Hydroxide
1 quart container

Item #: CH6-12B
    Solution A
1 liter container

Item #: CH26-A
    For testing sulfuric acid in chrome tanks.
    Solution B
1 liter container

Item #: CH26-B
    For testing sulfuric acid in chrome tanks.
    Solution A
1 quart container

Item #: CH6-07B
    Nitric acid for testing chloride.
    Solution A

Item #: CH6-07C
    Silver nitrate for testing chloride.

Item #: CH7-SQ
    12" long rubber squeegees with wood handles.
    Chemical Test Kits
  • Nickel Sulfate
  • Nickle Chloride & Boric Acid
  • Chromic Acid in Chromium Plating Solution

  • Chloride Test Kit
  • Sulfuric Acid in Acid Copper Solution
  • Copper Sulfate
    Hull Cell Tester
This laboratory instrument is used to simulate production plating equipment for testing copper anodes, additives, electrolyte, plating parameters (i.e. current density, anode to cathode spacing, etc.). It requires the use of a low amperage rectifier.
    Chemical Analysis

COPPER ANALYSIS: To be checked for:

  • Chloride only
  • Chloride & Contaminants
  • Chloride & Iron
  • Chloride, Iron & Copper Sulfate
  • Copper Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid & Chloride
  • Copper Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Chloride & (oil & grease)
  • Copper Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Chloride, Nickel & Iron
  • Copper Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Chloride, Nickel, Iron & Chrome

    CHROME ANALYSIS: To be checked for:

  • Chromic Acid, Sulfuric Acid
  • Iron, Chloride
  • Chromic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Trivalent Chrome
  • Chromic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Trivalent Chrome, Iron & Chloride
  • Chromic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Trivalent Chrome, Iron, Chloride, Copper & (oil & grease)

    NICKEL ANALYSIS: To be checked for:

  • Nickel Sulfate, Nickel Chloride, Boric Acid
  • Nickel Sulfate, Nickel Chloride, Boric Acid, Ph, Iron as Fe
  •     Lead Anodes
    For all types of plating equipment. Special designs or standard products.
        Brass Brushes
        Item #: CH10-BR125
    Item #: CH10-BR-125NS
    Item #: CH10-BR-125SH
    Round brush for speed shaft without groove with spanner holes
        Carbon Brushes
    Contact brushes for all American and European equipment. Custom designing also available.
        Item #: CH17-KW150P
    Item #: CH17-KW110S
    Item #: CH17-KW150S
    Item #: CH17-MB184L
    with Plug with Shoe Martin Tank
        Temperature Probe
        Item #: CH0-PT100

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