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The highest standards of quality control and testing procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process. Our industry reputation is based on successful installations throughout the world as our field-proven, patented designs continue to hold up to the demands of the modern rotogravure industry. We are experts at providing quick, cost effective, reliable solutions to your machinery and chemical needs.

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PowerSonic™ The Ultimate in Plating
    US Patents 5,925,231; 6,197,169; 6,231,728 - other patents applied for, European patent applied for

Over the years, Chema Technology, Inc. has been very involved in research and development to improve gravure cylinder plating and finishing. Using existing production tanks, Chema conducted ultrasonic testing that resulted in a breakthrough in 1997.

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A cylinder with conventional plating after 2.5 million impressions, showing chrome wear A cylinder plated with PowerSonic ™, also after 2.5 million impressions and using the same ink

Ultrasound speeds up the electromechanical separating process of plating by causing hydrogen bubbles to collapse, cleaning the solution and making all contaminants pass through the filter and not onto the cylinder. More importantly, this results in a more even grain structure across the cylinder than is possible with conventional plating methods.

The significance for the printing process? Chrome flaking is reduced. The smoother surface allows the pressure of the doctor blades to be reduced. The harder chrome and smooth surface without hydrogen buildup allows increased longevity of the cylinder in the press. Also, a better ink release with smoother surface inside the cell should result in a higher quality print.

The end result of plating with PowerSonic™ is a speeding up of the conventional process, more consistency in the plating process, and simplification of the plating procedure.


The advantages for Copper

  • Consistent grain structure
  • A cleaner solution

The advantages for Chrome

  • Harder and smoother chrome
  • Extended chrome life
  • Good coverage on cell edges
  • Few nodules

The advantages with PowerSonic™ Copper

  • Longer diamond life
  • Smoother chrome quality
  • reduced polishing time, if any
  • Improved ductility
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