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Chema Technology, Inc. was founded by Hubert and Barbara Metzger on November 11, 1984. We serve the Rotogravure Printing industry (publishing, packaging and similar companies), as well as Service Houses for this industry. We produce chemicals for the plating departments. Here in the USA, we produce spare parts for American- and European-made plating equipment for customers throughout the USA and Canada.

Our President, Hubert Metzger, is known throughout the industry for his expertise and ability to troubleshoot chemical and technical problems. After finishing his degree as a technical designer in Munich, Germany, he designed some of the first plating equipment for the printing industry. He then went out to customers in Europe to install the equipment and train client personnel in its use. The experience gathered through this hands-on approach enabled him to go back to the drawing board and eliminate, step-by-step, problems that cropped up.

This experience has also resulted in numerous patents:

Patent Number Date of Patent Description
US 6,231,728 May 15, 2001 Electroplating Apparatus
US 6,197,169 March 6, 2001 Apparatus and Method for Electroplating Rotogravure Cylinder using Ultrasonic Energy
US 5,925,231 July 20, 1999 Method for Electroplating Rotogravure Cylinder Using Ultrasonic Energy
US 4,281,982 May 3, 1983 Rotogravure Cylinder Plating and Deplating Apparatus
US 4,352,727 October 5, 1982 Rotogravure Cylinder Plating and Deplating Apparatus
CANADA 1170620 July 10, 1984 Rotogravure Cylinder Plating Apparatus
CANADA 1156182 November 1, 1983 Rotogravure Cylinder Plating Apparatus

The PowerSonic™ is the first patent where the procedure as well as the apparatus is patented in the United States and Europe. Hubert is currently testing his newest patent, a revolutionary apparatus that is only available in connection with our PowerSonic unit.

Chema Technology, Inc has received the "Golden Cylinder" award from the Gravure Association of America for his outstanding work, involvement in the industry, and patented inventions worldwide.

Barbara Metzger, Vice President of Chema Technology, Inc., completed her Masters Degree in Business Management, also in Munich. After founding the company with Hubert, she took over the administration of the business. During 36 years of marriage, Hubert has been and is still travelling throughout the world and Barbara gives her support in every step he makes.

The personnel of Chema Technology, Inc. are 100% committed to the company and it's products. Hubert and Barbara are very proud of their employees.

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